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"Mr. Jim Clark was my point of contact with Champion; he was courteous, professional and extremely helpful. It was a pleasure doing business with him. The members of all of the crews, water removal/drying, carpet layers and packers were courteous, professional, arrived on time, and completed work in a timely manner. In addition, they were friendly. We are very pleased with Champion's response and work and I will gladly recommend Champion to others. I will express my satisfaction with Champion to USAA." - Water Damage in Fayetteville, GA

"I have never been as impressed with a great group of young men. Very professional, efficient and knowledgeable of their line of work. Considering the age of my crew; they out-performed the middle and older aged men I have worked with in similar job requests. Thank you!!! Big kudos to Colby...loved this kid!!!" - Water Damage in Ellenwood, GA

"The crew was super courteous and professional. They also showed a level of compassion that was an unexpected surprise. They also took the extra step to explain every step." - Water Damage in Jonesboro, GA

"If I hadn't seen the damage beforehand, afterwards I wouldn't have know it had occurred. Great group of people both repairing and managing the crews." - Water Damage in Peachtree City, GA

“Champion has done a super job in getting the house squared away. All of their employees and subcontractors have been professional, courteous and helpful in answering our many questions and keeping us informed of schedules and other matters.” - Fire Damage in Peachtree City, GA


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It's summertime and that means vacations for most families. Unfortunately, your vacation buzz can be lost too quickly when you get home and realize that you forgot to take care of a few essentials. Your vacation should be an enjoyable and relaxing time, so before you head out here are a few things to be sure to check off your list so that you can come back to your home in the safe condition you left it. 

  • Hold mail and newspapers.
  • Pay bills that will be due while gone.
  • Make arrangements for a neighbor or friend to have a key to your house or apartment - or at least know where one is. Give them a number where you can be reached.
  • Lock all doors and windows throughout the house.
  • Leave a radio or something going in the house that makes sound and can be viewed as an indication that someone is home.
  • Pour some baking soda into each of the toilets and the sink drains.
  • Water plants.
  • Unplug most electronic items especially those that have valuable data on them. These  include your TV, stereo, and especially computers. If there is a thunderstorm while you are away, these items can be damaged beyond repair if they are plugged in.
  • Adjust the Thermostat: Set the temperature setting at no less than 52 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months to keep pipes from freezing and plants from dying. During the summer, you can set the air conditioning to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Take out all garbage throughout the house.
  • Make sure the dishwasher is not full of dirty dishes.
  • Make sure there are no wet clothes in washer or dryer or wet rags in the sink or bathroom.  If there are then hang them to dry.
  • Shut off the water.
  • Shut off the water to the washing machine. The hoses can easily break and cause severe flood damage to your home.

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