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"Mr. Jim Clark was my point of contact with Champion; he was courteous, professional and extremely helpful. It was a pleasure doing business with him. The members of all of the crews, water removal/drying, carpet layers and packers were courteous, professional, arrived on time, and completed work in a timely manner. In addition, they were friendly. We are very pleased with Champion's response and work and I will gladly recommend Champion to others. I will express my satisfaction with Champion to USAA." - Water Damage in Fayetteville, GA

"I have never been as impressed with a great group of young men. Very professional, efficient and knowledgeable of their line of work. Considering the age of my crew; they out-performed the middle and older aged men I have worked with in similar job requests. Thank you!!! Big kudos to Colby...loved this kid!!!" - Water Damage in Ellenwood, GA

"The crew was super courteous and professional. They also showed a level of compassion that was an unexpected surprise. They also took the extra step to explain every step." - Water Damage in Jonesboro, GA

"If I hadn't seen the damage beforehand, afterwards I wouldn't have know it had occurred. Great group of people both repairing and managing the crews." - Water Damage in Peachtree City, GA

“Champion has done a super job in getting the house squared away. All of their employees and subcontractors have been professional, courteous and helpful in answering our many questions and keeping us informed of schedules and other matters.” - Fire Damage in Peachtree City, GA


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Georgia Lightning Awareness Week: June 21st - 27th, 2015

June 21st - 27th is Lightning Awareness Week in Georgia. Check out this informative article from Ready GA on how to prepare for lightning.


Lightning is a common occurrence in Georgia, and it's easy to forget just how dangerous it can be. Each year, lightning strikes the U.S. an estimated 25 million times and causes an average of 60 fatalities and 300 injuries each year. In Georgia alone, 11 people have died due to lightning strikes since 2006.


"Thunderstorms are such a regular part of life in Georgia, especially in the warmer months, that it's easy to let your guard down and forget the danger of lightning," said GEMA/HS Director Jim Butterworth. "Following the 30/30 rule is a good way to make sure you are taking the proper precautions and avoiding unnecessary risk."


Lightning has the potential to travel more than 10 miles away from a thunderstorm, and it can strike the same location twice. When you are outdoors, be aware of current local weather forecasts. Always stay alert for signs of approaching thunderstorms. In addition to the 30/30 rule, here are more lightning safety tips:


Before Lightning Strikes

  • Keep an eye on the sky. Look for darkening skies, flashes of light or increasing wind. Listen for the sound of thunder.
  • If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to the storm to be struck by lightning. Go to safe shelter immediately.
  • Monitor NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, or television for the latest weather forecasts, or download the Ready Georgia mobile app.

When a Storm Approaches

  • Find shelter in a building or car. Keep car windows closed and avoid convertibles.
  • Telephone lines and metal pipes can conduct electricity. Unplug appliances. Avoid using the telephone or any electrical appliances. (Leaving electric lights on, however, does not increase the chances of your home being struck by lightning.)
  • Avoid taking a bath or shower, or running water for any purpose.
  • Turn off the air conditioner. Power surges from lightning can overload the compressor, resulting in a costly repair job.

If Caught Outside

  • If you are in the woods, take shelter under the shorter trees.
  • If you are boating or swimming, get to land and find shelter immediately.

Protect Yourself Outside

  • Go to a low-lying, open place away from trees, poles or metal objects. Make sure the place you pick is not subject to flooding.
  • Be a very small target! Squat low to the ground. Place your hands on your knees with your head between them. Make yourself the smallest target possible.
  • Do not lie flat on the ground. This will make you a larger target.

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    Georgia Lightning Awareness Week: June 21st - 27th,
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