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"Mr. Jim Clark was my point of contact with Champion; he was courteous, professional and extremely helpful. It was a pleasure doing business with him. The members of all of the crews, water removal/drying, carpet layers and packers were courteous, professional, arrived on time, and completed work in a timely manner. In addition, they were friendly. We are very pleased with Champion's response and work and I will gladly recommend Champion to others. I will express my satisfaction with Champion to USAA." - Water Damage in Fayetteville, GA

"I have never been as impressed with a great group of young men. Very professional, efficient and knowledgeable of their line of work. Considering the age of my crew; they out-performed the middle and older aged men I have worked with in similar job requests. Thank you!!! Big kudos to Colby...loved this kid!!!" - Water Damage in Ellenwood, GA

"The crew was super courteous and professional. They also showed a level of compassion that was an unexpected surprise. They also took the extra step to explain every step." - Water Damage in Jonesboro, GA

"If I hadn't seen the damage beforehand, afterwards I wouldn't have know it had occurred. Great group of people both repairing and managing the crews." - Water Damage in Peachtree City, GA

“Champion has done a super job in getting the house squared away. All of their employees and subcontractors have been professional, courteous and helpful in answering our many questions and keeping us informed of schedules and other matters.” - Fire Damage in Peachtree City, GA


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Hands-On Wood Floor Drying for Water Damage Restoration CE Course# 34703

jeremyToday is our first hands on hardwood floor drying and restoration course in our new 1500 square foot flood house.  This is a house that we built on our premises just for training our employees, insurance professionals and other restoration contractors.  I am excited to make this week's presentation to a full class of 28 agents and adjusters from local agencies. 

Today hardwood flooring makes up 13% of all new flooring sales.  The ability to dry hardwood flooring effectively is one of the most important tasks that a restoration contractor needs to understand.    Yet, when these floors are affected by water damage they are almost always removed by restoration contractors.  We will demonstrate how Champion properly dries hardwood flooring saving our clients precious time and money.

This is a great opportunity for agents and adjusters to better understand how they can assist their clients when they suffer the effects of flooding and water damage by utilizing Champion's unique services .

Check the "Agent Area" on our web site to see when this and other Continuing Education courses will be offered again in the near future.

 Jeremy Reets - C.E.O.


Community Service

lisaOne thing about working in an Emergency Service Business is you don't exactly get to meet people at their best.   I  know that would be the case if I were standing in 6 inches of water or looking at a tree lying in the middle of my Living Room Floor.  Therefore, I am quick to tell our customers not to worry, take a deep breath, we are here to help you through the process.

Lisa Moore - Project Coordinator


Education, Knowledge and Training

garyWhile growing up I was continually reminded of the importance of education and knowledge in my life. I recall such phrases as "Knowledge is Power" and "To get a good job you need a good education!". Most would agree that there is a definite correlation between success and education. 

At Champion Construction Systems we believe that education, knowledge and training should be the cornerstones on which to build a successful company. The many positive comments about our company made by our satisfied customers prove the wisdom of following this business plan. When you are part of  a company that provides emergency services and home restoration to home-owners it is imperative that each of our technicians receive the best training and continuing education available.

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The Key to Good Business

pam1Customer Service is defined as "the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.'  It is important that customer service be implied to your customers during their entire experience with your company.  This assures that they feel wanted, as opposed to needed, which can also help generate more business for you in the future.  If they feel they were well taken care of, they will pass on this information to others, which in turn can help build your reputation as a business.  Exceptional Service also helps prevent problems and issues that would potentially arise if the customer was not taken care of all the way through.  Overall, Customer Service is the key foundation to help build a successful, winning business!

Pamela Brown - Marketing Representative


When We Say Family Owned and Operated - We Mean It!




If you've ever wondered who's who at Champion - here you go!  In addition to the immediate Reets family, we also have the following relatives at Champion...

Gary Anderson our General Manager is the cousin of Joel Reets

Megan Light (not pictured above) works in the Accounting Department and is the daughter of Joel and Kathy

Mollie Reets our Receptionist is married to Joel's nephew

Summer Bishop our Graphic Artist is the sister of Starri Reets

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Prepare your home and family for the BIG FREEZE 2009!


  • Prepare for possible isolation in your home by having sufficient heating fuel; regular fuel sources may be cut off. For example, store a good supply of dry, seasoned wood for your fireplace or wood-burning stove. 

  • Winterize your home to extend the life of your fuel supply by insulating walls and attics, caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows, and installing storm windows or covering windows with plastic.

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Getting ready for the "Big Freeze" of 2009

larryTonight and tomorrow night are supposed to be near 10 degrees.  It's been 5-6 years since the temps went this low.  We're excited!  This will mean lots and lots of water damages!  Is it wrong to be so happy? :)  To prepare for this we're sending a truck to a distributor in Atlanta to buy lots more drying equipment.  And we have contacts where we can rent as much as we need.  Hundreds of pieces of equipment and seven trucks are ready to respond.  And the guys (and gals) are ready to work lots of overtime.    Whoopee!

Larry Banach - Construction Manager





FASTER SERVICE when you have an emergency!

We are now within 45 minutes of Metro-Atlanta residents.

We now have 5,000 more square feet of space for contents storage.

We have expanded our service area.


Alphabet Soup

joel1When you open our web site you might notice at the bottom there is an "alphabet soup" of letters:  "SCRT", "RIA", "NAHB", "IICRC", "DKI", "Mohawk".  Other than "Mohawk", what does that jumble of letters stand for?  These are organizations that Champion has affiliations with that ultimately benefit you as our client.  Let's focus on just three of these, "SCRT", RIA", and "IICRC".

 The first two are industry trade associations that we belong to.  In addition to keeping us abreast of the latest information and techniques in the industry by means of technical bulletins, conventions, and networking with fellow members, we agree to adhere to the highest standards and code of ethics.  Click on the links below each logo and read those codes of ethics.  By the way "SCRT" is the association that my wife and I managed for five years.

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Champion's Fan for February

trophy15Everyone — including the people we dealt with on the phone — was terrific. As much of a hassle we dealt with — Champion made it tolerable. The folks who installed the flooring were extremely professional as well.